Ceramic Embossed Round Utensil Crock

A decorative rustic utensil holder with an embossed style, adds a splash of color to your countertop, that any home cook would love to have. This large utensil holder is large enough to hold several large utensils and frees up a lot of space in your limited kitchen drawers. Everyone wants to stock their kitchen with quality kitchenware items. With enough capacity to hold your kitchen utensils. This embossed utensil holder combining practicality and aesthetics is your wise gift choice for family or friends.


  • The farmhouse style fits any home décor. This classic farmhouse utensil holder with embossed style adds a vintage touch to your home décor. And it is a splash of color to your countertop. (Utensil holder for kitchen counter).
  • Multiple functions. This cooking utensil caddy is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. It can be used to store spatulas, ladles, tongs, peelers, knives, whisks, can openers, and also make a cute planter, vase, and wine freezer. And it is suitable for weddings or housewarming gifts.

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