Egg Topper

1.【Perfect eggshell cutting】 align the concave side with the top of the egg, just pull up the other side and loosen it, the spring mechanism will vibrate the sharp edge of the dome and scratch the shell . The perfect eggshell cuts soft or hard boiled eggs. The diameter of the incision is 1.3In (3.3cm)


  • 2.【High quality】 durable stainless steel design, easy to clean quickly, dishwasher safe. It is very suitable for use at home or restaurant, allowing you to easily prepare breakfast for all families. Long-term use will not deform and rust.
  • 3.【Practicality】Perfect for any occasion-hard-boiled eggs, hard-boiled eggs or raw eggs. The ultimate egg cutter, separator and chopper, multifunctional design-unique and versatile design, it is also suitable for opening any egg. Exquisite design facilitates storage. While ensuring the most comfortable handle length, it is made into a size that is convenient to carry.
  • 4.【Exquisite design】 The hole or circle of eggshell cutter is just wider than ordinary teaspoon. The inner edge is a simple edge, smooth and not sharp, and will not scratch your dining table. And make sure that the eggs have a fresh and original taste.
  • 5.【Perfect】In my shop is selling spoons that are convenient for eating eggs, It is a set of six breakfast small egg spoons. It can be used in combination with this egg cutter.

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